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Our family has been confectioners for over a century in the West-Country, but as with all time-old traditions the desire to follow the same path waned. Thus leading to the sale of the business in 1992... The original business moved to Somerset and still continues, successfully, trading on a much larger scale.

Now with the new generation at the helm, and discovering the key elements wanted out of a career, going back to where it all started seemed the perfect fit.  We decided to make a small batch of fudge for a village fate and sold out!

Better than we could have imagined, more and more weekends were taken up with events being served by our trusty 1965 VW camper.

We opened our first shop at Trago Mills, expanding and branching into retail and eventually wholesale.

The confectioner family heritage was paying off. We soon outgrew our home kitchen and needed somewhere a lot bigger! By chance the old dairy in Teignmouth was available and thanks to our parents we were able to move here. The building dates back to 1640 and has been a dairy and bakery over this time. With no maintenance being done since the 1970’s the building was a complete wreck. But this time we managed to get it completed quickly, even having to buy next door to create our shortbread bakery.

The bottom floor of our property is now the production area whilst we live upstairs with our three children and ‘Darcy’ the dog. Our parent’s live next door and come into help a couple days a week, whose experience and recipe books have been a big part of our success!

Thanks to all our family, to you our customers and those who chose to take the time and discover the Devonshire Made story.

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